Caitlin Schokker



Hi hello!
My name is Caitlin.

I have a love for being behind the lens - for capturing moments in a heartbeat, and encompassing all things as beautiful as they are in their moment.

I'm currently based out of Newcastle, NSW, but am able to travel as far as need be!
I love to photograph people, musicians, creatives, weddings, food and small businesses, and adventures and lifestyle. I can offer an array of techniques, skills, setups, and so on for any type of photography job you're after. I also am a videographer! Music videos, wedding videos, short promo clips, documentary styled films, you name it.

I'm currently freelance photographing and videographing for an array of projects such as musicians, small businesses, creatives, and all types of people, and continuously trying my best to work on my own portraiture and fine art/abstract projects. I also photograph for Crave New Media, and other surrounding social media services and businesses.

I hope to meet so many different types of creatives out in the world, conveying their way of creativity into film and photography. I want to collaborate and merge different styles and ideas to create exciting projects.

Let's meet someday!